Silva Life System 2.0 is now available

Wow, those guys at Silva Method blew my mind. They just launched the Silva Life System 2.0, including 17 unique mind empowerment techniques. If you want deep and lasting results, a positive impact on your life, I recommed you go check it out.

Click here to go to the official Silva Life System 2.0 program website

What will you get with the new version of Silva Life System?

Upgraded tools and techniques: You’ll find optimized versions of classic tools like the Three Scenes Technique and the Mental Laboratory. You’ll also find new insights, lessons and tips from Laura Silva herself for getting the most out of these tools.

A new program layout and structure: To make your learning experience easier and more enjoyable, we’ve broken down the curriculum into 4 key areas. This gives you the freedom to jump into the program, and pick out a specific technique for whatever challenge you’re facing - whether it’s to prepare for a crucial meeting at work, or to get rid of a splitting headache.

* A stronger emphasis on active meditation: We’ve tweaked our curriculum to allow you to control your own mind exercises without the use of restrictive traditional guided visualizations. Think of it like learning how to play different notes on a musical instrument so you can create your own masterpiece, as opposed to just memorizing one or two songs. The result is deeper transformation and a more immersive experience.

An enhanced introduction: The introductory section has been re-envisioned so you can use it to build a rock-solid foundation for your mind empowerment experience. You’ll find a variety of new tools for setting goals, shifting your belief system, relaxation and more.

A handy workbook: The brand new workbook is an indispensable learning sidekick, giving you descriptions for each chapter, important checklists and explanations of key principles, and engaging exercises to help you absorb your learnings in record time.

* Your very own personal guide: We’ve engaged fellow Silva Practitioner Kaileen Sherk to guide you throughout your journey. At the beginning of each chapter you’ll find a high-quality introduction video and audio to help you understand the key concepts you’re about to learn. You’ll master the exercises faster, and enjoy deeper clarity in every chapter.

Click here to go to the official Silva Life System 2.0 program website